Name: Januus
Gender: Female
Element: Scavenger
Dimension: Demon
Parentage: Wild
Birth Pride: Wild
Mate: Kikotsu
Pride: Bloodied Altar
Powers: Mage-reading, Teleportation, Perfect Night Vision, Immunity to Heat/Climate, Ritual Magics Immunity, Blood Contamination & Alterations.
Notes: Scavenger Kats are known as natural hunters, being unnaturally attuned to the world around them in such a way that they can move quickly and quietly over any terrain without the aid of powers. They have front talons that can cut through flesh like butter, and can allow for gripping rocks and climbing easily. They can withstand any amount of heat, able to thrive in arid deserts well.

She is immmune to blood-alterations and Ritual Magics. Nobody can alter her blood, but she can alter her own blood - and the blood in others. She can turn her blood toxic, increase or slow-down her blood flow. She can also alter the blood in others, making them sick with fever or chilling their blood.

She has a number of wounds on her body that she could have used her blood magics to heal, but chose not to. She wears these scars as reminders, or marks of pride, though she shares the story of their origins with no one.

She wears an onyx mask carved with the visage of a grinning Graeph. It has gold silks, blue membrances, fur, and black feathers, attached to it in a long trail. While it looks decorative and easily dismissable as a "flashy adornment", that isn't what it is at all. It's a Nightmare Shroud. When she pulls the mask down to cover her face the fabrics/feathers fall forward and around her body, concealing her form completely and replacing her with the nightmares of those around her. Those looking upon her at the time will only see the entities of their worst nightmares - the creatures they fear the most, those that cause their blood to freeze and body to become paralyzed.

But its not just an illusion. When she wears the mask she becomes that creature of nightmares, embodying the powers and strengths of the entity. Until she pushes the mask back from her face, she is for all intents and purposes, the creature that others see.